DIY: IRS 1023 EZ Form Setup ONLY

Created By: Katrina Belcher


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Lessons: 10
Video: 1.2 Hours
Fill out the IRS 1023 EZ Form YOURSELF & obtain your tax-exempt status! This course will walk you through forming your nonprofit corporation. PRE-COURSE: You MUST have completed the Articles of Incorporation course before starting this Workshop!
  Supplemental material available for download.
  Interact with the teacher and other students.

What's Inside This Offer?

DIY Nonprofit 1023 EZ Setup

Lesson 1: Identification of Applicant (05:37)
Lesson 2: Organizational Structure (04:23)
Lesson 3: Your Organization's Specific Activities (09:17)
Lesson 4: Miscellaneous Information (06:14)
Lesson 5: Prepare to Submit Your 1023EZ Form Application
Lesson 1: Register with Pay.Gov (01:42)
Lesson 2: File 1023 EZ Online/Step One (15:46)
Lesson 3: Lesson 2: File 1023 EZ Online/Step Two (04:21)
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