DIY: Nonprofit Incorporation ONLY Setup

Created By: Katrina Belcher


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Lessons: 8
Video: 0.9 Hours
Setup & obtain your nonprofit corporation! Form your nonprofit corporation, draft organization Bylaws, & obtain your EIN. (Note: You'll be a nonprofit corp but NOT tax-exempt. See 1023 courses.)
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What's Inside This Offer?

DIY Nonprofit Corporation Setup

Lesson 1: Pick out a name for your organization (02:22)
Lesson 3: Setup Your Board of Directors (BOD) (03:09)
Lesson 4: Develop Your Program Description (03:50)
Lesson 5: Fill Out Your AOI’s (17:25)
Lesson 6: File Your AOI’s with the State! (04:05)
Lesson 1: Create Your ByLaws (03:52)
Lesson 1: Fill out & Submit Your EIN (12:27)
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